Splinters was founded in 1994.  It began with a tragic motor cycle accident which cost Rodney Mark Hayne's use of his right arm.
It was the passion for wood which drove him to pick himself up and succeed to the point of being a master in the industry of Carpentry.
It started with Rodney working out of his garage in Kliprivier making cd stands out of sleeper wood.
By 1999..  he left Kliprivier and began his career in a small little town called Hoedspruit thus the name Splinters was born,
At first it was an odd job now and again until people started to notice the exquisite quality of his workmanship
and, being a small town, Rodney's name began to spread all over the northern province.
Business started to boom until the morning of the 26 August 2006.  Out of the blue a fearless fire
burned the entire workshop down to the ground .
All his wood, work and his entire life went up in flames. It seemed hopeless but being the positive individual that he is,
he picked himself up and started again.  Today Rodney is perhaps one of the most popular individuals and very renowned in the industry.